CORE MAP is a one of a kind assessment designed to provide deep, broad, highly accurate analyses to get past conditioned perceptions and behaviors and reveal the natural traits and abilities unique to you. CORE MAP provides a clear baseline from which to build, which results in very rapid personal and professional growth and progress. Thousands of testimonials from coach facilitators and their thrilled clients make it clear that no other assessment comes close.

With CORE MAP, you have an accurate blueprint. It provides a baseline to build from and a highly accurate picture of natural abilities and talents, as well as the degree to which natural abilities and talents are developed or need to be developed. This baseline acts as a blueprint from which an individual can build a successful, fully functioning life much like a builder’s blueprint aids a builder in creating a beautiful, fully functioning building.

Because CORE MAP is an integrated system
that measures from many angles and systematically integrates all the measures, it goes far beyond what other assessments are capable of. CORE MAP looks deeply enough to measure and predict development levels, reactionary patterns, coping patterns, emotional intelligence andcurrent capacity in very specific ways. The result is a very in-depth and accurate picture, not just of who you believe you are, but of what you have actually developed, how effectively you are using each trait set, and what to further develop to reach your highest potential.

With the deeper measures provided through CORE MAP, coaches and consultants can easily customize programs for optimal development of their clients.. People develop far faster when they know who they came into the world to be and are focused on optimizing their natural strengths and abilities, and that’s where CORE MAP shines.

CORE MAP excels as a Personal and Professional Coaching Tool. It provides deep insights and reveals: 

  • The degree to which positive traits are developed and being utilized
  • How tolerant the individual is with specific tasks
  • How effective they are likely to be under particular circumstances
  • How effective they are with people
  • How the act and react under varying levels of stress
  • The presence or absence of problematical traits
  • Requirements for personal and professional satisfaction
  • The degree to which requirements for satisfaction are or are not being met
  • Growth opportunities (areas where coaching and/or training will yield the best results in the least amount of time)
  • Communication Strengths and limitations
  • Ability to connect with others in meaningful ways
  • Tolerance for dealing with people
  • Ability to meet challenges and achieve goals
  • Tolerance for pace and change
  • Ability to perform with precision and care
  • Tolerance for attending to details closely
  • Ability to communicate and inspire
  • Tolerance for being visible or “on stage”
  • Emotional Intelligence in particular areas  

Measuring the Effect of Coaching

Besides the long list of revealing measures that can be gleaned from CORE MAP, this exceptional instrument has a progress feature that allows coaches, consultants and trainers (and their clients) to see in subjective, measurable ways, exactly where and by what degree progress is occurring.

Using this feedback, coaches, consultants and trainers can pinpoint exactly where to focus their attention to achieve the fastest, most effective results. 


Strengths of CORE MAP

CORE assessments have many strengths which cannot be found anywhere else. Besides being a fully integrated system, CORE MAP:

  • Measures across the entire spectrum of human behaviors
  • Provides deep insights into how each of the behaviors has developed and is currently being used
  • Provides deep, broad, highly accurate analyses of natural traits and abilities
  • Reveals development levels and reactionary patterns
  • Measures emotional intelligence in specific areas
  • Cannot be skewed without detection so results are highly reliable and accurate 

CORE MAP is an integrated system that provides more than 500 measures across the entire spectrum of human behaviors. 

Unlike many other assessments, CORE MAP does not stop with observable traits, currently reported preferences or other surface measures.  Surface measures cannot provide analyses of the factors most critical to personal and professional success, such as whether and to what degree natural traits and talents are developed; emotional intelligence in specific arenas; interpersonal intelligence; coping patterns and capabilities; motivators, energizers and drivers, as well as demotivators, resistors and drainers; current task-specific performance capacity; and a blueprint showing how an individual is currently using the entire spectrum of measurable human attributes.

Becoming a Certified CORE Facilitator

Certification follows successful completion of training which consists of six 90 minute live online modules and successful administration and facilitation of five CORE assessments. Up to two hours per month of additional consulting/coaching is provided for 3 months following formal training to ensure proficiency and ease of use. 


CORE Assessments have a 22 year history and has maintained exceptionally high validity and reliability scores across time (test/retest) and cultures. Complete research results are available upon request. 

CORE MAP References

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