Quantum Leap Specialist Certification Requirements

The Quantum Leap system is a coach-specific specialization. It is to coaching, what brain surgeon or heart surgeon is to medicine. When you have a simple cold or the flu, a family practitioner is a good choice, but if you have a brain tumor or a defective heart, it’s wise to go to a specialist that has expertise in that area.

The expertise a Quantum Leap Specialist brings to coaching is knowledge of the foundational success factors, which are essential to lasting success in any area of life, and they bring the skills, tools and ability to get clients the outcomes they desire in the fastest, most efficient way. We call this the FIRE Factor.

FIRE Logo with BylineFIRE is an acronym for Fast Impressive Results EasilyTM and every Certified Quantum Leap Specialist has demonstrated the ability to perform at that level. It is this factor that makes Certified Quantum Leap Specialists the Gold Standard in the world of coaching.

Gold Standard Coach Seal4The Gold Standard seal assures people looking for a coach that the coach they have selected has the ability to get them where they want to go in the fastest, easiest and most impressive way possible.

To keep the Gold Standard Seal, coaches must maintain a very high level of client satisfaction. Quantum Leap University has a policy of following up on every client complaint and only coaches who are able to resolve the issue and satisfy the client gets to keep their Gold Standard designation. We are very proud to report that as of March 2019, we have received volumes of praise for Quantum Leap Specialists, and not one single complaint.

Quantum Leap Specialists can present themselves as a Quantum Leap Specialist upon completion of all training, but to present as a Certified Quantum Leap Specialist, the coach must have also met all certification requirements. To earn the Gold Standard seal, coaches must also provide proof of proficiency through the submission of verifiable client testimonials.

The Quantum Leap program prepares coaches to succeed on a whole different level than general coach training. Many coaches have built their entire coaching business around the Quantum Leap system. And most tell us they wouldn’t dream of beginning a coach/client relationship without one or more of the tools in the Quantum Leap System.

Quantum Leap Specialist Certification Requirements

Success-GPS Certification

  • Completion of all pre-recorded training videos (4)
  • Completion of practice assignments
  • A minimum of four (4) practice calls with assigned Success Partners for individual and/or group coaching
  • Provide a brief report of results of Success Partnering to Success-GPS trainer
  • Brief review of the results of 10 Success-GPS assessments with discovery sessions
  • Completion of all ten Success-GPS Playbooks, and demonstration of ability to coach a client through each one. Submitting feedback from your Practice Partner fulfills this requirement.

Maintaining Certification – Annual Requirements

  • Attendance and participation in a minimum of four (4) Q & A coaching calls
  • Annual license fees paid
  • A minimum of four (4) assessments with discovery sessions administered

CORE MAP Certification

  • Pre-work assignments completed
  • Administer and facilitate three (3) CORE MAP assessments post training, and present results of facilitation to your trainer
  • Completion of all pre-recorded training videos
  • Facilitate two (2) CORE MAP assessments on your own to demonstrate proficiency
  • Complete the CORE Proficiency test, gain proficiency in any areas that show as deficient on your results, and demonstrate proficiency in those areas

Maintaining Certification – Annual Requirements

  • Administer and facilitate a minimum of five (5) CORE MAP assessments per year. You receive 5 assessments annually as part of your license fee. These are use or lose to ensure that you use them and maintain proficiency
  • Annual license fee paid


The easiest way to record CORE MAP (and to facilitate them) sessions is to set up a free account in Zoom (https://zoom.us) or Join.me (https://www.join.me). Both sites provide free accounts that allow you to share your screen with your client which makes facilitating CORE MAP reports online and recording your sessions very easy. Be sure to let your clients know that you are recording the session and get their permission to share the recording. You don’t need permission in writing if you make a permission statement at the beginning of the recording. Start the recording and state, “This session will be recorded for training purposes, and will be shared only with my trainer. Do I have your permission to do that?” If you got the individual’s permission prior to beginning the recording, their answer will always be yes, but you now have the permission recorded.

Submit the recorded session to Gina Morgan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

RAMP Certification

  • Complete all pre-recorded lessons
  • Attend four (4) live RAMP-specific coach calls
  • Attend the live 3-day intensive (immersion) workshop
  • Record and submit 3 RAMP sessions for review
  • Provide feedback from five (5) satisfied RAMP clients

Maintaining Certification – Annual Requirements

  • Submit feedback from one satisfied client
  • Annual license fee paid


Recordings can be made using a free account set up in FreeConferenceCall.com (https://www.freeconferencecall.com ), or through Zoom (https://zoom.us) or Join.me (https://www.join.me).

Present your RAMP recordings for review to Dr. Sherry Buffington at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Listing Your Credentials

Because we allow training and certification in one or more of the core programs, there are multiple designations coaches can use.

Completing all the training in all three core programs allows coaches to position themselves as a Quantum Leap Specialist, Quantum Leap Success Specialist, or Quantum Leap Success Coach. Only coaches who have completed certification requirements may add the word Certified to their designation, and only certified Quantum Leap Specialists can earn the Gold Standard seal.

Other designations are CORE Facilitator (CORE MAP only), RAMP Practitioner (RAMP only), and Success-GPS Coach (Success-GPS only)