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Quantum Leap University is the exclusive provider of the Quantum Leap Success System which provides  specialized skills to life, executive, and other personal transformation coaches and professionals, as well as to leaders and managers who recognize the value of a coaching model that produces rapid, substantial, measurable and trackable results.

Quantum Leap is not just a name, it's a result
. Every product we carry has to pass our FIRE test, and every coach we certifiy has the FIRE edge. FIRE is an acronym for Fast Impressive Results Easily, and that is a very big edge in the world of personal and professional development. It's the primary desire of every person who reaches out for help, and is expected when an individual or organzation is paying for a result. 

The Quantum Leap System gives coaches the tools and training to get their clients further in a few hours than most other change modalities can in months or even years, including traditional therapy. 

We have been providing exceptional training to prepare our students to reach the pinnacle of success since 1994. Our programs have been thoroughly researched and tested, and proven to deliver the exceptionally fast, effective results that FIRE promises.

The speed with which clients progress and achieve their goals along with the ability to measure and track results provides rich, deeply transformational client outcomes and positions Quantum Leap coaches as among very the best in the industry.

Certified Quantum Leap Coaches are unmatched at providing laser-focused results that help clients achieve their goals faster, easier, and much more efficiently. From cost-effective group coaching programs, to private coaching and mentoring, to team and organizational improvement, our world-class coaches provide the fastest, most effective route to personal and/or professional success possible, both for themselves and their clients.

At the Core of the Quantum Leap System