Linda Fite

Linda Fite
Linda Fite
  • Quantum Leap Specialist
  • CORE MAP Certified Facilitator
  • RAMP Practitioner
  • Success-GPS Coach
Linda Fite
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My goal in coaching is to free people's potential and power. We need as many principled and powerful people as possible acting in the world today in ways that release the abundance available to all of us.

My academic education is in psychology and sociology. More than 30 years of application to the the fascinating and quirky “human side” of growth, change and performance -- personal and professional has taken me all over the world. That travel has vastly expanded and enriched my perspective and challenged me to look ever deeper for ways we can all work together to achieve more of what we want as a global community by using more of the personal power we brought with us into this world.

I have designed and delivered change management interventions, customer service turnarounds, and organizational culture-building processes. I have also coached and developed employees, peers, and friends in areas of communication, creative and innovative thinking, and public speaking.

My business name is InsideOut Power and that’s my goal — to help you bring the power you carry inside, out into the world to have the astounding and beautiful impact that only you can bring.
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