Success-GPS assesses what a client is doing or not doing to get the results they are currently getting. When you know exactly where a client is in the moment, compared to where he/she wants to be. It goes way beyond what the client is consciously aware of and beyond what can be discovered through typical coaching methods.

There is no condition that individuals or organizations encounter that cannot be pinpointed with laser-like accuracy using this amazing tool. With Success-GPS™, you can discover the dynamics and specific areas of misalignment in individuals, couples, families, teams and organizations. Using Success-GPS, you can assess any situation and determine exactly what to focus on for the fastest, most impactful results.

Benefits Include:

  • Online access to Success-GPS assessments for global reach (value based on fees charged by other online assessment providers $360 - $600)

  • Unlimited access to Success-GPS Training Archives

  • Unlimited Success-GPS Assessments (value $50 each - just 48 per year = $2,400)

  • 50 Success-GPS Playbooks (wholesale value $150)

  • Wholesale purchase of additional playbooks at $3 each. The Playbooks are specific modules aorund which you can create done-for-you premium coaching programs and group coaching programs through which you can earn $2,000 per hour or more. 

  • Coaching calls to keep you sharp and polished (value $300-$600)

  • Webinars and Teleseminars to help you grow your business ($300 - $600 value)

  • Access to the resource center where you can review lessons, manage your client records and access Success-GPS training archives (value $50 per month)

  • Repeat Success-GPS training free (Value $3,497)

    Membership Benefits Value - Over $9,000

    • Offset your annual licensing/membership fees or purchase products with account credit - you receive $500 account credit for every coach you refer into the Quantum Leap Practitioner Licensing Program or $300 for every coach you refer into the CORE or RAMP Licensing Program (credited when payment is received)

$35 per Month ($420 total) OR

$395 if Paid Annually (January 1 each year – save $25)  


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