Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning (RAMP) is one of the most powerful methods available anywhere for eliminating limiting beliefs, fears, phobias, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, eating disorders and a wide range of other mental, emotional and behavioral blocks. And because the RAMP process requires no ritual, no hocus-pocus, no trance induction— nothing even remotely resembling “woo-woo” methods, it can be administered just about anywhere and with just about anyone. RAMP is simply a conversation that taps into the rules and language of the subconscious mind, removing the blocks and barriers that limit success, updating old ineffective files and unleashing the immense power and propensity of the subconscious mind toward positive results. And, with a success rate that exceeds 97%, it is unsurpassed for achieving fast, phenomenal results.


Benefits Include:

  • Coaching calls to keep you sharp and polished ($300 - $600 value)

  • Webinars and Teleseminars to help you grow your business ($300 - $600 value)

  • Access to the resource center where you can review lessons, manage your client records and access RAMP training archives

  • Repeat RAMP training free (Value up to $5,897

    Membership Benefits Value - Over $12,000


  • You can offset your annual licensing/membership fees or purchase products with account credit - you receive $500 account credit for every coach you refer into the Quantum Leap Practitioner Licensing Program or $300 for every coach you refer into the CORE or RAMP Licensing Program (credited when payment is received).

  • Presenter’s license for approved RAMP presentations to explain the RAMP method to audiences. All materials must be approved by Quantum Leap Systems, Inc. Presenters basic package must be purchased.

Annual Licensing Fee:

  • $35 per Month ($420 total) OR
  • $395 if Paid Annually (January 1 each year – save $25)  

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