Quantum Leap Specialists have specialized training on three powerful tools that work together as a synergistic system to create unprecedented change. With this system Quantum Leap Specialists can get their clients farther in hours than other methods do in weeks, months and even years.  In the fast-paced world we live in, if we are not moving forward quickly, we are falling behind. Quantum Leap Specialists help their clients stay ahead of the curve and get where they want to go exceptionally fast.

Quantum Leap Specialists are trained in, and licensed to use, all three core products; CORE MAP, RAMP and Success-GPS.

Benefits Include:

  • Your annual licensing fees for RAMP, CORE MAP and Success-GPS ($1,085 value)

  • Online access to CORE assessments for global reach (value based on fees charged by other online assessment providers $360 - $600)

  • Unlimited access to CORE Training Archives (priceless)

  • 20 CORE clicks (wholesale value at rack rate $500). These are use or lose per annum, so sell them or use them for marketing purposes.

  • Unlimited CORE progress reports (wholesale value $25 each – assuming a use of just 24 per year, wholesale value is $600)

  • Unlimited  add-on reports (wholesale value $25 each – assuming just 24 per year, wholesale value is $600)

  • Unlimited Success-GPS assessments (wholesale value $25 each - Value as an aid for marketing and converting contacts to long-term clients -priceless)

  • 50 Success-GPS Playbook (wholesale value $150). Use these to convert contacts and short-term clients to long term clients. You can build individual or group coaching programs around the Playbook that last 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and longer, depending on how many areas on the Success-GPS assessment need attention.  As a made-for-you coaching tool that can keep clients returning again and again, the Success-GPS Playbook for Creating Abundance is a priceless tool for converting contacts to long-term clients. 
  • Monthly coaching calls to keep you sharp and polished so you have a level of expertise and ability to get quantum leap results that lets you outshine 95% of the coaches in your field. (value $150 X 12 = $1,800).

  • Webinars and Teleseminars to help you grow your business ($300 - $600 value).

  • Up to 2 hours personal or professional coaching/mentoring per year from Quantum Leap founders Dr. Sherry Buffington or Gina Morgan; MCC  (value $900) plus 50% discount on any additional coaching.

  • Presenter’s license to present approved CORE, RAMP and/or Success-GPS programs. All presentation materials must be approved by Quantum Leap Systems, Inc. (value $400). Presenters basic package must be purchased.

  • Access to the resource center where you can review lessons, manage your client records and access training archives for CORE MAP, RAMP and Success-GPS.

  • Repeat any training course free (Value up to $5,897)
  • Offset your annual licensing/membership fees or purchase products with account credit - you receive $500 account credit for every coach you refer into the Quantum Leap Practitioner Licensing Program or $250 for every coach you refer into the CORE or RAMP Licensing Program (credited when payment is received).

Membership Benefits Value - Over $13,000

Annual Licensing Fee:

  • $50 Per Month ($600 Total) OR
  • $575 if Paid Annually (January 1 each year – save $25)

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